Thamesville Pastoral Charge

United Church of Canada

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June 7, 2020

Dear Friends,

Grace and Peace be with you.

I can’t believe June has already arrived and the spring has gone very quietly, even we didn’t recognize the beauty of blooming in our garden, around us. While we are isolated at home and social distancing as if all has stopped, nature keeps doing what it’s supposed to do, the trees are growing so fast every day, the green leaves are coming out and changing their size, colour in a different way each day. It is one of my daily routines to watch how different they are every day. Once again, it is time to be humbled with the greatness of the Mother Nature. Since the pandemic began, a lot of people have tried to find bright moments to encourage one another, it makes us think that we are not alone anymore and we all are connected in this difficult time. 

The United Church will be celebrating an official Pride Sunday for the first time in 2019, since then, we celebrate the month of Pride in June. As we mark this month and celebrate the lives and ministry of LGBTQIA+ and Two-Spirit people, I encourage you to listen to people who are crying out for their lives; crying for Black people to breathe, crying for LGBTQIA+ and Two-Spirit people to be included, crying for those with a Disability to be loved as they are. We don’t want to hear people crying out begging for their lives.

In the face of discrimination, violence, injustice, and oppression, people around the world are crying out. We are all part of the human family. We are connected and interconnected in God’s creation. God desires for us to have peace and justice.

COVID-19 has stopped us from doing many things we are passionate about, but we still need to be asking for the breath of life for all no matter who they are, we need to be in love with justice and humanity. Let’s distance ourselves from any kind of forms of discrimination.

Stay well and Care in Crisis: Coming together!

Rev. Grace Lee


1. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am for 15 min. we are together in prayer.

We pray for the church, the community, and the world; pray for family, friends, neighbours and ourselves.

2. There is a Food Bank at our church on Fridays, from 12 noon until 3 pm. 

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 Friendship Meal

                Jan, 29, 2020
Feb. 26, 2020
Mar. 25, 2020 Cancelled
Apr. 29, 2020 Cancelled
May 27, 202 Cancelled
June 24, 2020
July 29, 2020

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Sunday Service

Services have been cancelled do to COVID-19. We Will review in the future.