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July 26, 2020

Dear Friends,

Grace and Peace be with you.

Sabbath - intentional periods of rest - is both a commandment and a gift from God. You already know how important it is. Jesus doesn’t just command or recommend rest; he actually offers it, and we too can give each other rest; if not by offering them a place to lay their heads, then at least by making space for each other’s Sabbath.

Sabbath is so important and summer time has the potential to be a whole season of Sabbath like no other. The pressures of work and worry never stop, but that’s all the more reason to carve out time - sacred time - for even more fun, togetherness, and joy. After all, what we remember and treasure isn’t work and worry. So let’s remember the sabbath, and keep it holy!

To make the most of this season, here’s an invitation to be as intentional as possible about savoring the wonders of summer - and growing closer to the One who makes it so sweet!

Let’s try these tasty summer practices for your sabbath, and add your own to the list: (adapted from "A Summer Day," by Mary Oliver)

• As the summer evenings come, go for a walk with God in the cool of the day.  If this primordial form of meditative enjoyment was good enough for God (see Genesis 3:8), it’s good enough for all of us!

• Go barefoot with Moses.  You don’t need a burning bush or an embossed invitation to set those tootsies free.  Take a walk around, in your backyard, a local park, or farther afield - it’s all holy ground!

• Garden, garden, garden, and when you're done gardening, garden some more!  Whether it’s big-back-yard gardening or community garden gardening or little-window-boxes gardening or something in between, we were created to till and to keep the earth (Genesis 2), to plant flowers and eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine.

• Find the nearest “dark sky” spot and go stargazing.  See if you can find Andromeda, the only celestial object we can see with our naked eyes that isn’t in our own Milky Way galaxy.  Andromeda’s a galaxy, too, the nearest one to us: a swirl of a trillion stars!  See if you can feel that we’re slowly, slowly, slowly approaching each other: in 7 billion years or so, Andromeda and the Milky Way will meet up and combine into an entirely new galaxy…

• Get to know one of God’s amazing creatures, in person or online.  The spider in the closet, the chicken in the neighbor’s yard, or a sea lion in the surf!  Pick a creature, and learn at least five amazing facts about it before the sun goes down!

• Instead of ice cream, try making a Raspberry Mango Sorbet from Minimalist Baker.  First of all, it's delicious!  And second, reducing your dairy consumption is a tangible way you can make a dent in climate change and live more fully into your role as guardian and protector of God's good creation.

• Say a special prayer for peace in our homes, and in particular, for people experiencing domestic violence.  Combining a pandemic with hot weather makes tempers flare...

• Say a prayer for peace and justice around the world, especially as all of us come to grips with the dehumanizing legacy of racism and violence, and work together to chart a way forward to the new future God is calling us toward…

Have a great summer, stay well and see you soon.

Rev. Grace Lee


1. We will take a break for the worship during the month of August, and we hope to have in-person worship in September. I will send you a letter before September with the detailed information of the re-opening worship service.

2. I will take a break the month of August. I won’t be sending out any home bulletins or congregational letters, no emails, and no online meetings during the break, but I will leave the phone turned on for pastoral emergencies.  If you have any pastoral emergencies, please call 519-350-5001.

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